Getting Clear on being an artist By Sophie Navarro

August 30th, 2018

Upon reflecting over the summer, I have learned a great deal about love, loss and the journey back to self-love. I have learned huge lessons this year and as an artist, it can be very vulnerable. However, despite the growth, I value the unraveling. I value the energy that it brings. It actually clears my path and helps me get crystal clear about what it takes to be the artist I have always wanted to be. 

It comes down to if you want it that much, you will be the only one that can do it. It has to come from knowing yourself deeply at the core. It has to be something you work on every single day and accomplish 1-2 goals for the day, no matter how small it may seem. You need to stay disciplined, focused and clear. 

I have noticed this for myself and for my own art practice. There is an art between being an artist, a mother and a business woman. There are 3 different roles in one persona. However, each role overlaps the other. I have discovered that if I give too much of myself in one area and lose my balance, it is amazing how that can affect your work. It is important to have a balance of playfulness, fun and relaxation. 

Today I remind myself to stay focused, present and disciplined within my art practice.

I also practice deep compassion for myself, my son and for my friends who are incredibly supportive. I think having a strong support network is very important as you navigate being an artist. 

Balance is key in everything you do. 

May you all stay balanced from within, smile more and laugh more! 

Sophie Navarro