I have the great honor of participating and assisting with this amazing organization in Eugene, Oregon. I had no idea how much ArtCity would impact me as much as it did when I started my internship back in October 2017. This amazing organization was started by Charly Swing. Charly is an amazing artist, visionary and a creative event planner who sees so much for Eugene and I am grateful to work alongside her and all our committee members. More than all of that, she cares deeply about artists in our community and wants to see all artists grow. She works very hard in making so much happen in our city! Artists truly make a difference in our community. They help our community by bringing people together and that is what Studio Without Walls is all about. There is music, food, art-making and opportunities for everyone to mingle and get to know one another. It creates a dynamic energy in the city that inspires our community and enriches lives. Children get to experience drawing live models. The music flows throughout the evening creating more energy, fun and joy. I wanted to create a page on my site that honors this beautiful organization. If you want to learn more about ArtCity, please click on ArtCity above and it will take you to their website directly. I will also be posting here regularly to share all the exciting upcoming events! 

Committee: Charly Swing, Harriet Rubin, John Van Strien, John Watson, Sophie Navarro, Pete Goldlust, Faye Hedera, Char Houweling

  Studio Without Walls   ArtCity  July 20th, 2018

Studio Without Walls
July 20th, 2018