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Sophie Navarro

Fine Artist

My name is Sophie Navarro. Art is everything to me. I absolutely love color, anything sparkly and glittery, decorative paper and lines. I have been an artist, since I have been able to hold a pen or a pencil. I started very early. I grew up in a multicultural family where my mom painted on ceramic tiles and my dad is a retired architect.

I grew up with that creativity always bubbling up. It never ceased to amaze me when I would pour over 1920 Vogue Art Nouveau books, watch documentaries on fashion designers and then started collecting women’s comic books in my 20’s. My passion for art has multiple levels which is why I paint regularly, draw on my lunch hour and keep having multiple art shows.

You will most likely find me at First Friday ArtWalks, Studio Without Walls with ArtCity and various art shows in Eugene, Oregon. My dream is to own a gallery filled with a collection of T-Shirts, prints, magnets, pillows, mugs, yoga pants and more!

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Sophie Navarro
M.S. Arts Management | Community Arts
Grow Art By Sophie Navarro