What does it mean to be an artist?

Re-inventing the artist By Sophie Navarro

An artist’s life evolves over time. They go through a variety of experiences that shape their perceptions, assumptions and often challenges those assumptions to learn how to stay open. As an artist who is learning to shift from a different mindset that assumes to have it all figured out, I am learning to lean into the discomfort of how to build my business by creating new designs and products and test them with friends and family. I have learned that I will never feel ready when it comes to creating my store. It is an ongoing journey that will continue to test my assumptions, creativity and patience. The win out of this discovery is the process of re-inventing who I am as an artist. The unraveling of who I am meant to become.

The process I am now in is a time where I get to explore my inspiration and create designs that can both be functional, fun and whimsical. I am currently working on flowered barrettes, flower headpieces with LED lights and a variety of magnets. I am passionate about fashion, words, women wearing butterflies in her hair, mixing in textured paper with glittery shimmers, gold paint and love. There is a whole lot of love in each of my designs. This is where I get lost into an hour or 2 and just lose myself into my art. This is what it means for me to be an artist. The sheer love of creating something new and watching it grow into something new over time.

The value of support from friends and family is hugely important. I am finding now that we are close to finishing this year, it’s a good time to appreciate all the ups and downs of the year. I have learned how to navigate through them with a new perspective that involves more patience, radical self-love and acceptance.

I am so deeply grateful for all the work I have done with ArtCity Pro and ArtCity! Charly is an incredible mentor, friend and artist! I value how much ArtCity does for our community. All the events I have had the opportunity to be a part of has deepened my gratitude for all my new connections I’ve made this year. I am also grateful for Lane Arts Council First Friday ArtWalks and the Saturday Market. It takes a certain amount of courage to step into these opportunities and risk. However, through that courage and self-discipline, I have learned that I am stronger than I realize.

May next year bring an abundance of new art, passion for ArtCity and new opportunities to share with my community.