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Sophie Navarro - My Art Process

Edited by Antonio Ochoa

I have been adding new content to my You Tube Channel and it has been so much fun creating new videos. I have found that as I am diving into my creative process, I have learned that the process itself is very important. The value I get in creating new art is deeply satisfying, connects me with a deeper self emerging and I love knowing that I can share this process with my dear friends, colleagues, new friends and the world. I am also seeing that those who I admire on You Tube have really inspired me deeply and I am starting to see how accessible these people are. It is no wonder they have become a success! They keep showing up, sharing their stories, ideas and visions. Now I am getting inspired to share too! Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support!

Sophie Navarro

Your Value Comes From Within

EMU - Aperture Gallery
Sophie Navarro
University of Oregon
November 15th - December 15th, 2018

Artist Statement: This series represents the value that comes from within ourselves. Solitude teaches us to go inward, taking in the quiet moments that are often taken from us from the outside world and teaches us to pause. These paintings represent my desire to hold onto my identity and celebrate by going inward. I create my own inclusivity by accepting myself with all my patterns, ideas, inspiration and colors. My value comes from within not outside of myself. I remind myself this every day and to not allow others to define who I am. I am beautiful inside and out, colorful patterns unravel and I am whole.