Setting New Intentions for 2019

During the holiday break, I had a significant amount of time to enjoy family, friends and some solitude to get creative with new art projects. I was able to pause and reflect on the past year. The lessons I learned was to continue to create new work even on my most challenging days and to trust the process of uncertainty. There are moments when you think you are not sure how a specific event will turn out, if it will rain or shine or if you have enough art to sell, but the truth is you always have enough, people will come to see what you are doing and will appreciate you showing up. The hardest part is showing up for yourself. I did the First Friday ArtWalks all summer long and enjoyed painting in the street. I sold magnets, talked to new people and met so many amazing artists at each event. I am very appreciative for Lane Arts Council with all the coordinating, marketing and the connections I have built from showing up. My hope for 2019 is to continue to participate in these ArtWalks, build a better booth with more inventory and set myself up for more success!