Creating Opportunities For Yourself By Sophie Navarro

For me creating art isn’t something I take for granted. I value my process, creating new designs from my own inspiration and promoting my art within my community. There is an exchange between myself as an artist and with community. I enjoy painting live in the streets at First Friday ArtWalks. I love setting up my table with my cards, magnets and paintings. I value meeting new people as they look at my art. There is a feeling that I feel when I am out there putting my work out there. There is a great deal of passion in not only my process and there is also passion in meeting new people. I value connections.

The value I get from showing my art in art galleries, cafes and/or restaurants is exposure, creating new connections with businesses and also potentially selling my art. What I take from that as an entrepreneur is I build on those connections, continue to nurture the new relationships I build and gain more inspiration when I go back into my art studio. These new relationships can lead to creating new opportunities for something down the road. This can manifest into new art shows that show up, teaching an art camp at the YMCA, creating freelance art for a mom who wants a special gift for her daughter for Christmas or someone needs a special custom painting for a wedding gift. I am now seeing opportunities are everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times as an artist.

Queen Of Hearts
Dear Future Partner